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Xiang Ji Ji Oolong


This tea is produced by one of Singapore’s oldest teashop; Pek Sin Choon.  This oolong, called Xiang ji ji, id th shop’s most premium tea in their tinned oolong offerings.  The shop described this tea as –  “As the standard of living in singapore improved, the preeminent fragrance was developed in between 1970s and 1980s to cater to the requirement of the tea drinkers who wants to enhance their experience in tea drinking.  The tea soup is mild red in colour which is simple at first sip but leave a strong aroma around the throat and produce great aftertaste.”

Every hand wrapped packet has 15g of tea.  If you are using a small teapot (less than 90ml), I recommend you use half a packet.  The aroma linger for quite a long time in the mouth after sipping the tea and the mouthfeel is good with an oily and mouthwatering sensation.

One unit order is 90g of tea in total comprising of 6 packets of tea with each packet holding 15g each.