Dark Tea Set


This is a dark tea set.  A hard to find set that is sure to pique the interest of a seasoned or new tea drinker. You will get 40g  the famed 2007 plastic bag Liu Bao and  and 40g of a Yi Yuan Long charcoal roasted black tea stem only pack. The liu bao tea is from 2007. Purportedly from the famous 4 gold coin liu bao factory, this tea is very old wood aromatic and has a long pleasant aftertaste. An extremely smooth tea as it was already stored in Malaysia for more than 15 years. The Yi Yuan Long black tea stem only tea has a woody herbal sweet aftertaste that will surprise your tastebuds. Slightly complex taste with a mouth watering finish.

You will get 80g of tea with each order; 40g of liubao and 40g of black tea stems.